Stop worrying about how to respond to threatening letters from the IRS! We step in and become your representative. No more dealing directly with the IRS. With over 32 years of working out the best tax negotiations, tax resolutions, and tax settlements, there’s no tax situation our experienced tax professionals can’t tackle and provide favorable solutions for.

DMG’s goal is to find the best resolution for your tax issue. We put forth the efforts to provide quick and long lasting solutions aimed at giving you peace of mind, while putting you back on the right path of financial freedom from tax debt.

We offer customized payment plans that fits your budget. No need to worry about how you’re going to stay afloat during this process. We put you first. With a small upfront payment, and a monthly automatic payment, you’ll be well on your way back to financial freedom in no time.

When working with DMG, we customize a tax relief plan that suits your needs. You’ll never be kept in the dark with where you stand in your tax resolution process. We provide you accurate, up-to-date information about your tax issue until we have reached a settlement and your case is closed.

Have questions? Need to speak to a professional? We have 24-hour customer support who will get your concerns to the right licensed professional. We offer a 24 hour response time. Guaranteed! We’re here to make sure you are comfortable during these unpleasant times.

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How We Can Help

Request Your Tax Resolution Analysis

We will provide you with a comprehensive tax analysis report which includes all of your tax history for the past 10 years along with our honest expert opinion of your outstanding tax liabilities and what your options are to resolve your issue.

Recieve an honest and easy to understand tax resolution for your issue

Our licensed tax experts, using state-of-the-art technology, will provide you with an easy to read report of your tax resolution options and honest timelines of when to expect your case to be fully resolved and closed.

Speak to a Licenced Tax Professional

Talk with a experienced tax professional, who not only understands your tax situation, but has the experience to walk you through this process. You’ll never feel like your “left out in the cold” during this process.

Get back on track with your tax debt, ``life``, and peace of mind

DMG guarantees we’ll give our best effort to provide you the best outcome in resolving your tax matter. With thousand’s of proven successful cases over 32 years, we stand behind our Name of being “TAX CONTROVERSY EXPERTS”.