Innocent Spouse Relief


If you believe that you are an innocent spouse as it relates to an IRS assessment, you should inquire as to what rights you have.

When taxpayers sign a tax return to file jointly with a spouse, the IRS holds BOTH of you responsible to pay the tax – but if you don’t pay the tax debt – then the IRS will come after EACH of you INDIVIDUALLY for the WHOLE tax debt.

It doesn’t make a difference whether you are presently divorced  or  getting a divorce.   The IRS has federal jurisdiction  and can overlook state procedures when evaluating or gathering tax debt. On the off chance that your spouse inappropriately filed incorrect and improper information on your tax returns which caused a tax debt that the IRS is trying to collect from you, what you require is Innocent Spouse Relief.

The professionals at DMG Tax Relief are experts in interpreting your facts and circumstances to see whether you are an Innocent Spouse. If you qualify, DMG Tax Relief will frame the facts and evidence into a compelling case to present on your behalf to the IRS or state.  DMG Tax Relief talks to the IRS or state so you do not have to.


If you would like a no pressure idea of what resolutions are possible, let our professionals will put your mind at ease. Let’s resolve your tax issues today!