Installment Agreement


If you owe the IRS or State more than you can afford to pay, you are permitted to make installments over a given time frame. If you owe under $50,000 and can fully pay after some time, the IRS  allows you a 72-month duration to do as such. The state permits you a 36-month duration to pay.  This is called a streamline installment agreement.

If you are unable to pay your balance in full, you may claim hardship. Asserting hardship is the procedure in which you make installments in view of your capacity to pay and not founded on the sum you owe.  The amount that you are required to pay is the amount of your monthly disposable income.  The IRS or state calculates your monthly disposable income  by taking the amount you take home each month and subtracting out what they consider to be necessary and reasonable living expenses.

DMG Tax Relief know exactly what the IRS or state will and won’t accept. We will deliver an installment plan that is acceptable to all parties. DMG will work hard to make sure the installment plan is an amount you can afford and you will have the capacity to pay that sum over an expanded time frame.


If you would like a no pressure idea of what resolutions are possible, let our professionals will put your mind at ease. Let’s resolve your tax issues today!