Tax Audits


A tax audit can be a written, in-person, or field audit.

• Correspondence – Mail audit- You mail all of your supporting documents to the IRS or state.
• Office Audit – You’re asked to appear at an IRS or state office.  You present your documents in person to the auditor.
• Field Audit – The IRS auditor(s) make announced or surprise visits to you and you present your documents at that time.

No matter what kind of audit, tax audits are scary not only to taxpayers but many tax preparers as well.  If you received a notice of audit, you are probably concerned at what lies ahead…to say the least.

It does not always make sense for your tax regular preparer to represent you, as sometimes the complexity of an audit goes beyond the scope of work they are able to handle.  Some professionals are not equipped both skills-wise or emotionally to speak with a Revenue Agent. Your audit representative needs to understand what it is the IRS is NOT looking for in their investigation.  This goes far beyond comprehending tax law.  Some audits stem from something that raised a “red flag”, while others are chosen to occur at random.  It is important for the person representing you in an audit to know which applies to you.

During an audit, no matter what kind of audit it is, you are required to compile and submit supporting documents and arguing your position therefore, you want to ensure you have the right person in your corner.

DMG Tax Relief is a group of licensed Tax Attorney’s, CPA’s, and Enrolled Agents, with over 32 years in combined tax experience.  We will develop a plan of action, follow up with the tax authority, prepare your required document and represent you in all meetings.


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